5 Boys: Brass Tipped


The 5 Boys Collection was released in the winter of 2012 to remember the original whistleblowers we met in eastern Congo.


In 2008 we met 5 Boys in a military encampment who had been forced to fight for opposing rebel groups.  But when we asked, does that make you enemies, they laughed.  One boy reached over and kissed the other, saying, "We are only boys. How can we be enemies?"

We saw the solutions to Congo right in front of us.  Across the world, we are the largest and most connected generation in history. The 5 Boys collection asks, as the boys asked, how can we be enemies?

The 5 Boys whistle is a stylish custom design, smaller than the original whistle.
Wear it everywhere.



* These smaller whistles do not produce sound.


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